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  • What is crypto contagion, and how does it affect the market? News - 12 minutes ago
    Learn about crypto contagion, its impact on the market and how to protect yourself as a stakeholder. How can various stakeholders protect themselves from crypto contagion?Crypto contagion can significantly impact multiple stakeholders in the crypto market, including investors, businesses and the broader financial system. To protect themselves from the negative effects of crypto contagion, each stakeholder should take specific steps.By diversifying portfolios, investors can lower exposure to crypto contagion. This…
  • ChatGPT won’t replace developers - ETHDubai devs weigh in News - 54 minutes ago
    The latest version of ChatGPT is able to identify Ethereum smart contract vulnerabilities and exploits – but will it replace developers in the future? The newest version of ChatGPT has caused a stir online, scoring high marks for SAT tests and highlighting vulnerabilities and exploits in Ethereum smart contracts.GPT-4 is the latest version of the highly influential artificial intelligence (AI) language model, boasting ‘human-level performance on various professional and academic…
  • Bitcoin to $100K next? Analyst eyes ‘textbook perfect’ BTC price move News - 1 hour ago
    Bitcoin is in the midst of a “bump & run reversal” which demands serious upside, argues Capriole CEO, Charles Edwards. Bitcoin (BTC) is setting up a classic trading move, which could see it hit $100,000, one analyst says.In a tweet on March 14, Charles Edwards, founder and CEO of investment firm Capriole, called BTC price action in 2023 a “bump & run reversal.”Edwards on BTC price: The “bottom is back”Having…
  • Forget HTTP: Ethereum has a new URL standard that can’t be blocked News - 2 hours ago
    Under a newly rolled out Ethereum standard, DApps and NFTs can be accessed by internet users without the worry of centralized censorship. Web3 URLs — enabled with the launch of ERC-4804 — have made it onto Ethereum, allowing internet users to access Ethereum applications and nonfungible tokens (NFTs) without worrying about centralized censorship.The new Ethereum standard, titled “Web3 URL to EVM Call Message Translation,” was first proposed on Feb. 14, 2022,…
  • KuCoin leads $10M funding for Chinese yuan stablecoin issuer News - 3 hours ago
    Circle’s investment arm has joined a funding round for CNHC, the issuer of the eponymous stablecoin pegged to the offshore yuan. The investment arm of major cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin is moving to support new stablecoin initiatives by backing a Chinese yuan-pegged stablecoin issuer.KuCoin Ventures has led a $10 million investment in stablecoin issuer and blockchain-based payment service provider CNHC.Announcing the news on March 16, KuCoin Ventures said that the funding…
  • 4 signs the Bitcoin price rally could top out at $26K for now News - 5 hours ago
    BTC price faces pullback risks thanks to bearish on-chain movements and challenging technical resistance levels. Bitcoin (BTC) received a substantial boost this week as United States inflation levels for February were in line with market expectations. On March 14, the BTC/USD pair surged to a 2023 peak at $26,550 after the news.But, while the macroeconomic conditions may currently favor risk-on buyers, certain on-chain and market indicators hint at a potential correction in…
  • SVB mixup forces India’s SVC Bank to issue a notice of clarification News - 5 hours ago
    The similarity in the short forms of the two banks — SVB and SVC Bank — caused a mixup among a few Indian citizens as they took up the concern with the Mumbai-based bank. The shockwaves caused by the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) were felt by countless businesses, including a bank from India with no connection to the California-based banking institution. Soon after reports of SVB’s imminent shutdown surfaced…
  • US officials appeal protections for Voyager execs in Binance.US sale News - 7 hours ago
    The DOJ disagrees with the legal protections given to those involved in the Voyager sale to Binance.US, saying the court “improperly” exceeded its authority. United States officials want to remove a provision included in bankrupt lender Voyager Digital’s plan to sell its digital assets to crypto exchange Binance.US that would prevent them from legally pursuing anyone involved with the sale. In a motion filed on March 14 in a New York…
  • Euler Finance’s offer to hacker: Keep $20M or face the law News - 7 hours ago
    The hacker committed a $196 million flash loan attack on the Ethereum-based lending protocol on March 13. Ethereum-based noncustodial lending protocol Euler Finance is trying to cut a deal with the exploiter that stole millions from its protocol, demanding the hacker returns 90% of the funds they stole within 24 hours or face legal consequences.Euler Labs sent its ultimatum to the flash loan attacker who exploited the platform for $196 million by…
  • Crypto bank Anchorage Digital cuts 20% of staff, citing regulatory uncertainty News - 8 hours ago
    It’s unclear whether Anchorage Digital’s layoffs relate to the current turmoil in the United States banking sector. Crypto bank Anchorage Digital has announced it would be letting go of 75 employees, or approximately 20% of its workforce, citing regulatory uncertainty in the United States as a factor in its decision.In a March 14 statement, Anchorage labeled the layoffs “a strategic realignment to better focus our resources,” pointing to “broad macroeconomic challenges…
  • Binance to Restrict Ukrainian Hryvnia Operations Via 2 Payment Providers
    Bitcoin News - 8 minutes ago
    Crypto exchange Binance will stop processing transactions with Ukrainian hryvnia through two payment platforms later in March. The move follows an earlier suspension of deposits and withdrawals using bank cards in the national currency of Ukraine. Ukrainian Users Lose More Fiat Options to Trade on Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance The world’s leading digital asset exchange in […]
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum Technical Analysis: BTC Hits 9-Month High, as ETH Moves Above $1,700
    Bitcoin News - 38 minutes ago
    Bitcoin briefly surged to a nine-month high late on Tuesday, as prices moved above the $26,000 mark. Although prices have since declined, overall sentiment remains bullish following the latest U.S. inflation report. Consumer prices fell to 6% last month, with ethereum climbing above $1,700 as a result. Bitcoin Bitcoin (BTC) fell from a nine-month high […]
  • Study Finds El Salvador Remains One of the Countries Most Interested in Bitcoin
    Bitcoin News - 1 hour ago
    A recent study that examined the interest of several countries in bitcoin and crypto ranked El Salvador as second for having the most interest in the issue. While the U.S. was still ranked first, El Salvador’s high rank comes amidst criticism President Nayib Bukele has drawn from Salvadorans for his push for bitcoin adoption. El […]
  • Agoras Leads the Way in AI-Based User-Controlled Cryptocurrency
    Bitcoin News - 2 hours ago
    Artificial intelligence (AI) seems to be everywhere these days. With the rise of ChatGPT and other trending AI applications, many cryptocurrencies have been rushing to adopt it as well. However, not all AI is created equal. Logical-AI, an approach adopted by Tau, has been an integral part of Agoras token for a long time, and […]
  • The Pokémon Company Might Be Preparing to Make Moves in the Metaverse
    Bitcoin News - 3 hours ago
    The Pokemon Company, a corporation in charge of the development of the Pokemon brand, might be preparing to make some moves regarding the franchise and the metaverse. The company has opened a job opportunity that includes experience and knowledge of fields like blockchain, Web3, and the metaverse as a requirement, including connections with investors in […]
  • Meta Winding Down Support for NFTs on Facebook, Instagram
    Bitcoin News - 5 hours ago
    U.S. tech giant Meta is giving up on operations with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) amid ongoing turbulence in the crypto space. The company allowed creators to share digital collectibles on its leading social media platforms last year. Meta Platforms Cutting Off Support for Non-Fungible Tokens California-based technology conglomerate Meta is winding down support for digital collectibles […]
  • Central Bank Digital Currency Transactions to Reach $213 Billion Annually by 2030, Research Shows
    Bitcoin News - 7 hours ago
    A new study shows that payments via central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) are expected to reach $213 billion annually by 2030. Furthermore, 92% of the total value transacted via CBDCs will be paid domestically, the research found. $213 Billion Annually Research and market intelligence firm Juniper Research published a report on central bank digital currencies […]
  • Mad Money Jim Cramer on BTC Price Surge: ‘I Would Sell My Bitcoin Right Into This Rally’
    Bitcoin News - 9 hours ago
    The host of Mad Money, Jim Cramer, says he would still sell bitcoin despite the failures of major banks and growing public distrust in the banking system and the Federal Reserve. “Bitcoin is a strange animal,” he said, asserting that the price of the cryptocurrency is “being manipulated up.” Jim Cramer’s Recommendations The host […]
  • Signature Bank Closure Has Nothing to Do With Crypto, Says Regulator
    Bitcoin News - 11 hours ago
    The decision to close down Signature Bank had “nothing to do with crypto,” said the New York State Department of Financial Services, the regulator that took possession of the troubled bank on Sunday. The financial watchdog insisted that its decision to put Signature Bank in receivership “was based on the current status of the bank […]
  • Billionaire ‘Bond King’ Jeffrey Gundlach Expects Fed to Raise Rates Next Week — ‘That Would Be the Last Increase’
    Bitcoin News - 13 hours ago
    Billionaire Jeffrey Gundlach, aka the “Bond King,” expects the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates at its March meeting next week, which “would be the last increase,” he said. In addition, Gundlach cautioned: “The inflationary policy is back in play with the Federal Reserve.” Doubleline CEO Jeffrey Gundlach on Fed Rate Hikes Jeffrey Gundlach, chief […]